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2nd New Color Introduced: Thoroughbred

2nd New Color Introduced: Thoroughbred

Craft center in our new finish: Thoroughbred


New Color Introduced: Caviar!

New Color Introduced: Caviar!

This laundry room is done in Caviar a new finish offering from us. Call us for a Free in home design consultation and see what color works best in your home. We have 20 different colors and finishes!

The Benefits of an Organized Home

The value of an organized home can sometimes be lost on people. Many prefer to live in a state of chaos. What most people do not realize is that good organization skills actually contribute to making the home a healthier and happier place. Here are four major benefits of keeping an organized home.

 You’ll save time and money.

Knowing where things are saves time and money. If you have a place for everything, then you’ll know exactly what you have and don’t have. There won’t be any last-minute runs to the grocery store because you can’t find the can of chicken broth you purchased yesterday or emergency trips to the hardware store because your screwdrivers are nowhere to be found. All the time saved by eliminating all the unnecessary trips and delays can be used for other productive things. You’ll be able to do things faster and be more efficient because you don’t have to scramble around looking for tools or materials or ingredients. You’ll be able to find things when you want or need them. Organization can also give rise to lots of great money saving ideas. For example, the items you have in storage that are virtually brand new but which you don’t plan on using can be used as gifts for friends or family.

 You’ll have more space.

Good organization frees up space in the home. Previous storage spaces when cleared or spruced up can be put to other uses. For example, the basement, instead of being used solely as storage space, can double as a game room. The garage can be reorganized and you can go back to using it as what it was meant to be: parking space for your car. If you keep piling up things you don’t use or have no plans of ever using, you’ll just be eating up space in the home. Sort things out and determine which ones you want to keep and which ones should be discarded or donated to charity. You don’t even have to throw things out. Sometimes, a simple shift in organization can already free up lots of space.

 You’ll experience less stress.  

An organized home can contribute to a feeling of wellbeing and happiness. Clutter tends to put people on edge. When the home is messy and you’re in danger of tripping over things or knocking over stuff, you create an environment that is less relaxed. There is also the additional stress of trying to locate lost items. When you know that there is a place for everything in your home, you are more in control and as a result, more relaxed.  

 You’ll be a role model.

If your home is clean and organized, you’ll make a good impression on people who enter it, whether they are friends, family, clients, business partners or acquaintances. If you have children, you’ll also be able to instill in them the value of organization and the benefits of being neat and tidy. If your children live and grow up in an organized environment, chances are they will follow in your footsteps and keep beautiful homes once they start their own families.

 For more organization tips and money saving ideas, tune in to Brashenomics with Ben Brashen. Paul Valley Owner of Organized Spaces explains how being an organized person can help enhance your life.


Closets are Evolving


Your grandma’s closet isn’t what it used to be.Expectations for closets are changing.  Closet systems are included in many new homes today at all price points.  Small closets are being built with dressers, shelving and hanging while master closets are much more efficient and even becoming showplaces.

Master bedrooms are being designed for just a bed and no furniture – to be a more peaceful, uncluttered space.  To compliment that, the master bathroom and closet are being designed with dresser storage to replace the bedroom furniture set we all use to know.  They are becoming a place for entertaining, pre-function dressing parties before social events, shrines to what we collect (shoes, watches, ball caps, scarves, etc. ) dressing areas, integrated spaces that tie into the overall design of the cabinets, flooring, and architecture of the master suite.

Remodeling for the purpose of building out a Master Suite is becoming more and more common, but the spaces being created are anything but common. Wine storage, coffee makers, hidden spaces, mirrors, ironing boards, accessory racks, jewelry displays that slide out, pop up, swivel out or pull down.  Lighting systems that are motion sensored to locking systems that are wireless.  Dressing areas for all the finishing touches and pampering of a boutique retail store are included.

Architects create the spaces, Interior Designers add color, lighting, texture, and character to the space, Builders bring all of these features together, closet designers work with and through these professionals and their clients to bring all the features, wishes, and desires into a beautiful and functional space.  Closet design for a large project is quite involved, much more detailed than most people imagine.  There are so many options and very little design is done with standard sizes and shapes so that each tiny space is truly customized to the client and the desired use.

For those projects, where the client is asking for that once in a lifetime personal closet space, a skilled closet designer is an invaluable part of the solution.  Many cabinet companies offer closet systems, but with all the features and customization required to successfully pull it together, cabinet designers don’t have the flexibility with their product lines they need.   To be successful in closet design you can’t be limited in any way by cabinet box sizes, face frame styles, integrated toe kicks and blind corners. 

Closet systems were originally wire shelving systems, then they evolved into melamine covered panels which come in amazing finishes and choices, and now closet systems are available in virtually any material that can be used in construction (solid wood, veneer, metal, environmentally sensitive board products and finishes).  And that is what sets Organized Spaces apart, the ability to use any of these materials or combine them like wood with melamine for truly interesting projects without the restrictions from a Franchise agreement.

Is It Really Multi-Tasking?

Multi-tasking is not an accurate term. This buzz word was invented to describe what you think you’re doing. What you are really doing is switch-tasking…because you can’t do 2 things at once (although you can be “aware” of many things). What we can do is switch focus very quickly between tasks.

So it is best to invest time organizing your tasks, so that you can focus on one thing at a time, get it completed or to a stopping point and move on to the next task. This focused attention will allow you to get things done quicker with fewer errors.

This leads to the question how many distractions do you have at work? Are you a slave to your email? Do you have an open door for co-worker questions? Email is a trap and a big problem to those that have an alert sound every time a new message arrives. It would be better to check it say 3 times a day, when you get in, before lunch and before you go home.

And then set up times when your co-workers know you’re not to be interrupted and other times when you are available for their questions. This structure will help you focus on one thing at a time and therefore be more efficient with better results!

A Busy Start to Summer

We just finished the NKBA’s Great Kitchen and Bath Tour last weekend. Paula Kennedy, one of our designers, working with Bath Simple had a bathroom/closet entered in this years event. There were 10 projects scattered around the puget sound area showcasing the finest work in the industry…the turnout was exciting.

Also…going on right now…ParentMap and the savvy team of professional organizers at Innovatively Organized want to create the ultimate nursery for one lucky baby! This giveaway began May 11th and ends on Friday, June 8 at 5 p.m. The winner will be notified on June 11. An important note: the winner’s home, where the nursery installation will take place, must be located within 25 miles of Seattle. Good luck!!

 This amazing $3,000 package of services and products includes:

Then on June 21th we are co-sponsors of a community professionals mixer: Making a difference, one home at a time. Meet and mingle with other professionals in the community while supporting a great cause…Vision House.

Working together on this event are: Simplicity ABC Decore, AirVan Moving, Organized Spaces, Coldwell Banker Bain, Cornerstone Home Lending

Call us for more infor mation on these events.Image



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